A Day in Seattle

Last week of December, Josh’s mom came out to Seattle to spend Josh’s birthday with us. How excited we were for her to visit us and see what we have accomplished after living in the Pacific Northwest for a year and a half. Suzy flew with Alaska Airlines and arrived at the Sea-Tac International Airport after midnight on a Friday. She arrived on a drizzly and cold night but enjoyed seeing the city at night while on her way home. Feeling hungry on our way home, we stopped at Dick’s Drive-In in Edmonds. They are open until 2 in the morning. Us three got a Deluxe burger – two 1/8 lb grilled patties, with melted cheese, mayonnaise and pickle relish. To Josh and I, Dick’s Drive-In is pretty close to one of our favorite burger places in Southern California: In-N-Out burger. When we got home, we decided to use Friday as a relaxing day and just show her around Marysville and surrounding areas.

Saturday came with partly cloudy skies and an average temperature of 49 degrees Fahrenheit. To start off our morning we had to stop off at one of the little coffee drive-thru in our area – Big Foot Java. Josh tried their Abominable White Mocha while Suzy and I tried their Mythical Mocha. The Abominable White Mocha is made of white chocolate powder and a dash of vanilla topped with whipped cream and shaved chocolate. Mythical Mocha is a white chocolate coffee drink with creamy caramel topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce. You got to love the names of their Sasquatch Specialty drinks.

When we got to Downtown Seattle, we walked through half of Pike Place Market to find a place for a quick bite or for breakfast. We got to dip bite size sourdough bread in samples of OMG! Olive Oils at Pappardelle’s Pasta stall. Among our favorites were the Basil Garlic Parmesan and Sun Dried Tomato Balsamic Dipping Oils. Close to one end of the market, Suzy was surprised at the sweet delicious pastries displayed at Pike Place Bakery. Why was she surprised? Half of the donuts can be shared among 2-3 people. We headed down towards one of the corridors to finish our coffee and take in the views of Elliot Bay while we decide on where to eat and what to do. Of course, we had to get a photo of Suzy in front of the Gum Wall and the iconic Pike Place Market sign. A little history on the Gum Wall – Back in the day artists from the theater would take their smoke breaks in the alley and they would typically stick their gum in the wall before going back into the theater.

As we were starting to get a little bit hungry, we headed over to the new location of Top Pot Doughnuts.Both Josh and Suzy got apple fritters while I got my all time favorite sweets flavor – cookies and cream. Although I didn’t get to take a photo of their apple fritters, let me share a photo of the goodness that I got. We walked off some of the calories towards Victor Steinbrueck Park – a waterfront park adjacent to Pike Place Market that features a large lawn, benches and artwork. Suzy was falling in love with the beauty of the views of the skies, mountains and water. She now knows how Josh and I felt the first couple times we came to Seattle for a vacation and what had made our hearts decide to move to the Pacific Northwest. Before leaving Pike Place Market, we headed over to the Pike Place MarketFront to show Suzy our Market Charm that we are so proud of.

To get to the Waterfront, we headed towards The Harbor Steps just a few blocks south of Pike Place Market in front of the Seattle Art Museum (SAM). The weather started to get a little chilly so we decided to have some soup to warm us up over at the Alaskan Sourdough Bakery located inside Miners Landing at Pier 57. Josh and I were surprised that we never tried this place out before. We are definitely going to come back to this bakery when we make a trip to Downtown Seattle when it is a cold day.

Just outside the building, we went in line to ride Wings Over Washington. We recommend this to both non-residents and residents of Washington. Wings Over Washington is known as a “flying theater” that flies you over the beautiful scenes of Washington. A “spirit eagle” takes you on an incredible journey across the mountains & waters of Washington. The experience brought a smile to us and it gave us a sense of a positive mindset and reminded us why we wanted to move to the Pacific Northwest.

Last stop at the waterfront was over at a must see shop called Ye Olde Curiosity Shop. It is filled with tons of quirky, unique and interesting finds and plus you can get a free sample of fudge. Before ending our day in downtown, we walked over to Westlake Center to show Suzy two of our favorite stores: Made in Washingtonย & Fireworks Galleryย Check out their site to see why we love these stores.


It was a wonderful day to show Suzy around Downtown Seattle and we can tell it was well worth it and how much she enjoyed seeing everything that we were able to show here in the heart of Seattle. Haveย you visited Seattle yet? Where are some of your favorite spots you like to visit or see?

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  1. Thank you for virtually taking me to Seattle. What a wonderful place and most of all, I love your food spottings. My fave is the sourdough bread “Basil Garlic Parmesan and Sun Dried Tomato Balsamic Dipping Oils”. Yummmy

    1. Thank you for coming along the journey. Josh isn’t a big tomato fan but he looks Ed the sun dried tomato balsamic dipping oil.

  2. I really enjoyed this post. It’s been years since I’ve been home, so looking at your pictures was a nice treat for me. Glad you like it there.

  3. I have never been to Seattle, but I have always wanted to visit. I will have to check these places out as they sound great.

  4. I haven’t been in Seattle. It’s one of the few places in USA that I really want to visit. Looks good! The food looks great too.

    1. Seeing that you are a foodie, you’ll have so many options when you come here. Teriyaki chicken is one of the city favorites and can be found almost at every corner.

    1. Just watched that movie again a few weeks ago. Since now live in the Pacific Northwest we want to get to see more of Washington and Alaska.

    1. So glad to hear. We fell in love with Seattle awhile back and we kept coming back here. Now, we love living up here in Seattle.

  5. I’ve never been to Seattle before, but would love to visit sometime. This sounds like a wonderful weekend and great ideas for how to spend some time seeing the sights of the city.

  6. It sounds like the waterfront is the place to be when visiting Seattle. Glad you had an awesome time. Fingers crossed I make it to Seattle before the end of the year

  7. I am definitely looking forward to visiting the Pacific North West in the near future. I think we will probably get to Seattle when we do our Alaska cruise, this year or next…

  8. My family and I are dying to make it to the west coast and Seattle is at the top of our list (it’s the home of Starbucks, of course!). I love all of your highlights!

    1. Yes and since I’m getting a sense of your love for Starbucks, you’ll love checking out the Starbucks Roastery and driving my Starbucks HQ. ๐Ÿ˜

  9. I lived in Seattle for six months in 1985, during one on their worst winter storms. My son was born there. Never realized there was so much to see. I need to return to experience what I missed.

    1. Much has changed. We just moved here in 2016 after visiting twice the previous years and we fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. Doesn’t hurt to visit the city again.

  10. After ready your beautiful post, I definitely want to visit Seattle. My list is getting so long, but I will make sure to make the trip to Seattle happen.

  11. I would certainly head to the Ye Olde Curiosity Shop once I get there! lol I wish to get a chance to see and visit Seattle in the future.

    1. The Alaskan Sourdough Bakery is a must to try out. And if you have their soups be sure to have it in a bread bowl.

  12. I loved reading about your adventure, you made it really warm and I felt like I was there with you. Especially with all the different foods you tried! Im slavating ๐Ÿ™‚ great pics too x

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