About Us

What is it that inspires & motivates each and every one of us in this lifetime? For me, it is the passion of writing and photography that is shown here on Life with J & K. Since I got started learning about photography in 2013, I found a sense of happiness and calming in my own life. Photography and seeing the beauty of life around me inspires me to share my stories and interests with the world.

I’m Kristyn, (that is pronounced like Christine) a 28-year old and recently moved to Seattle with my significant. I lived in the Philippines from my senior year in high school until I earned my college degree in Computer Engineering. My biggest passions are travelling (near or far), photography, technology and food.

I’m happily loved by the most caring, motivating and wisest man that I have come to know. His name is Josh and like me, he loves to travel, technology and food. Who doesn’t love food? He is also a huge sports fanatic. From football to baseball to basketball. He could talk about sports all day.

When we aren’t out and about, we are home relaxing with either a movie marathon or binge-watching on some TV shows (The Walking Dead, Bates Motel … just to name a couple).  From September to February, we are all about our SEAHAWKS. Yes! We are big SEAHAWKS fans originally from San Diego. In fact, football is the first sport I actually have learned to understand and enjoy it, thanks to Josh.

Hennessy (Josh’s favorite drink) is our little pooch that we love so much. She keeps us on our toes because of how much energy she has. Hennessy is a beautiful and smart 4 year old Australian Shepard-Border Collie Mix.