January TheraBox + Coupon

I love the idea of a subscription box that is for a want than needs. As I was scrolling through different subscription boxes that people love, I came across TheraBox. Looking at photos of past boxes was very intriguing and gives a sense of happiness each time you get to open one. It’s like opening a birthday gift every month. It comes in a cute box with little sayings, drawings and a thank you note from the TheraBox team. Each month now, I am looking forward to opening a new TheraBox. Check out the items from the January TheraBox and if you are interested in purchasing any of the items individually, you can:

    • Your Tea, Energy Tea
      This box has 40 packets for you to enjoy the entire month a few extra days. It’s a great way to get that boost of energy, enhance your mood, supports digestion and boosts your body’s ability to burn fat. This Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) based tea gives you the energy that you need without those caffeine jitters. 

    • Coffee Mask
      I’m an avid coffee drinker and fan so this was a major treat. When coffee wakes your body and mind up, this coffee mask wakes up your skin with Columbian Arabica coffee extract. Our tired skin, gets nourished and moisturized by the premium Arabica coffee mask. Plus points is that the adenosine (amino acid) helps with wrinkles. Yay! 

    • Goal Setting Journal & All is Well Engraved Pen
      This year I have started Bullet Journaling. Now having a Goal Journal is a great addition to my journals that I can use for my goals for the year or until I run out of pages. It is a great sleek and minimalistic journal to help keep you organized and stay on track with your goals. This motivates me to think positive and that 2018 will be an amazing and happy year. A great way to help keep my life organized. What a perfect item to pair with the Goal Setting Journal. It is an exclusive TheraBox engraved ball-point pen. As you write in your Goal Setting Journal or use it one anything, you will have the reminder that no matter what “all is well”. 

  • Bare – Mocha Mask
    Another way to treat your face is this Mocha Mask! It is an all-natural and organic mask to help decrease puffiness, brighten skin and wake up dull complexion. I have sensitive skin and this is a great product as it is suitable for all skin types. It feels and smells amazing as if I was having coffee right then and there. 

  • BeCalm Signature Body Scrub
    This body scrub smells amazing once you open the little jar. It is a great exfoliating foaming sugar scrub to help remove deal skin cells while moisturizing and softening your skin. The aroma of the sugar scrub comes from a blend of essential oils and real calendula petals that continually releases fragrance for a truly luxurious experience. Makes it a great way to pamper yourself. 

  • Precision Point Eyeliner
    For me, my two must haves in my purse is lip gloss or lipstick and eyeliner. This eyeliner has a jet black felt tip to give you the simple and natural thin line or winged line for a more dramatic look. The eyeliner is formulated to last all-day (plus points) without any sense of fading or creasing. 

Don’t these goodies bring happiness. It is perfect for a gift or for yourself. Interested in subscribing to TheraBox. Starting at $34.99/mo you can unbox happiness too. Use my promo code JNK10 to receive 10% off your first order with TheraBox. It will be worth it.

14 thoughts on “January TheraBox + Coupon”

  1. Oh wow some amazing products! Can’t find the taste for coffee but I love the smell and I also have a LUSH coffee mask which is AMAZING. I also put it on my elbows as they can get a bit rough but after 10 minutes, they’re baby smooth

  2. This box looks awesome! I don’t know much about a coffee mask, but I think I could use anything coffee related right now. My youngest hasn’t been sleeping well lately so I am exhausted!

  3. I am so new to this world, and I did not know about Thera Box. I am learning something new every day and I also get some good products. Thanks for sharing.

  4. There are so many subscription boxes these days! They’re so good for so many people – but not for me! I don’t like STUFF and I know 1/2 of these subscription boxes would be filled with things I would never use or want, so they’d go to waste or I would give them away.

  5. Oh, I’ve never heard of this prescription but this sounds like something I would be into! All the products look amazing, and its great you can offer your readers (like me) a discount! Will definitely be checking them out.

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