Leavenworth, WA in Winter

Have you ever been to a Bavarian village? If you live in the Pacific Northwest or plan on visiting this part of the country, there is a little town called Leavenworth, east of Seattle and is about a 2 1/2 hour drive through the Cascade Mountain Range. Here you will find a Bavarian-styled village with Alpine-style buildings (even their Starbucks & McDonalds building). I first heard about this little town through Facebook when I saw a photos of the Christmas Lighting Festival. Because Christmas is my favorite holiday and I love to see more snow, I told Josh this was a place I wanted to visit and I had added it to my bucket-list. Although we didn’t go in December, we ended up taking a trip to Leavenworth in February for Valentines. When we got there, there was still tons of snow everywhere and that made me super excited.

From Seattle, you have two options to get to Leavenworth – Highway 2 and I90-East. Because we lived North of Seattle, we tool Highway 2 through the Cascade Mountains. Has anyone watched Harry and the Hendersons? Yes, I’m talking about the Sasquatch. Besides the movie being set in Seattle, the film did several shootings in the Cascade Range. We made a quick stop at the Espresso Chalet in Gold Bar to see one of the film locations and the Bigfoot Statue. Behind the little coffee shop was a gorgeous view of the snow-covered Cascade Mountains. “It made me feel like a kid again because I remember always watching Harry and the Hendersons when I was still a kid,” Josh told me yesterday when we remembered visiting Leavenworth.

When we got to Leavenworth, the little town was filled with snow and kids were sliding down hills with their improvised sleds and were having a good time. We walked around the many stores that they had including Kris Kringl – An All Year Long Christmas shop, the original Taffy Shop – had so candy & TV & movie memorabilia for sale. After visiting Kris Kringl, it made me want it to be Christmas again and hopefully have an upside down Christmas tree next time. Just behind downtown Leavenworth is the Waterfront Park. The playground was covered with snow and there wasn’t a way to go near the river because of the snow. Because I never got to experience snow before, I was excited walking around the snow. We threw a couple of snowballs at each other. Seeing the snow and being in it made me feel like a kid again.

It was getting close to lunch time and we couldn’t decide where to eat. So we stopped by Icicle Brewing Company and grabbed a couple of beers – Colchuck Raspberry Wheat. We ended up deciding to eat at a Mexican food restaurant – SOUTH. Josh got the Three Little Pigs tacos while I got Baja Style Fish Tacos. It did not quite meet the standards of Mexican food that we are used to in San Diego but they were all still flavorful tacos. Along with our lunch we tried out their Mangorita that paired perfect with the tacos.

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  1. I prefer visiting small towns and villages when I’m on vacation. Even if I end up in a city, I still take tour buses to other remote parts and Leavenworth is one of the places I’d like to visit.

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