Our First Year Living in the Pacific Northwest

Today marks a year since we moved from sunny and dry SoCal to the cool and wet Pacific Northwest. We left San Diego September 14th of last year and arrived to our new apartment complex in Mountlake Terrace on September 15. Mountlake Terrace is 14 miles away from Downtown Seattle. It was a long road trip. His Jeep was with an auto-transport company and we got his Jeep back about a day or 2 of arriving. Josh, Hennessy and I were in the U-haul as my car was being towed behind us. We went from seeing so much brown areas where we live to seeing areas full of green all around us. The drive was beautiful but we were mostly glad to have made it safe up here.


When we got here, the Fall season was about to start and it was breath-taking seeing the different color leaves on the trees that made the Pacific Northwest gorgeous in Fall. Josh and I both agreed that we get to experience all 4 seasons now that we live here. Within our first year living here, we have experienced many different things while some were our first time experiencing.

Our first time driving around our new neighborhood we were in awe and excited about seeing the Fall colors everywhere. The red, orange and yellow colored leaves gave the area some color pop. During our first week, we brought Hennessy to a nearby park. Not only was Hennessy super excited about the dog park, but we were too. The Mountlake Terrace dog park looked like it was an enclosed forest. As our first adventure of living here, we went to our first Seattle Mariners game at Safeco Field. Although we lost, it was still a fun experience for us. Within our first month here, Josh was able to find a job in Downtown Seattle. I knew he could do it. It was another proud moment of ours.

What makes the Pacific Northwest beautiful is the different sunset colors and skies that the weather brings. Looking at the sky in the evenings have become our favorite parts of the day. Before moving to here, I have never really experienced snow and when December came I was so excited to see snow fall and happen a few times. It became a special moment because my first time experiencing snow is with Josh and on my birthday it snowed as well. Taking Hennessy out to the snow for the first time was hilarious. She was at first scared because she did not know what it was but as soon as she touched the snow with her nose, she started to run around through the snow. It snowed a few times during winter and according to many people – it has not snowed this much in several years. So it was perfect timing for us when we got here. When it isn’t snowing, it does rain a lot here. Though most of the time, the rain is just for a couple hours and it is rarely heavy rain. The coldest temperature we had was at 21 degrees Fahrenheit. Because it is Winter Season, we could not break our tradition – Attending a Seattle Seahawks Game! We plan on continuing this tradition of ours every year in December.

Spring came along and there were so many flowers blooming. My favorite part of Spring was seeing the Cherry Blossoms. When Spring started, this was when we started looking for homes. Our expectations of getting into a home was to be in 2018. We started to look around different neighborhoods to see where we would feel more at home from Kent to Renton to Lake Stevens to Marysville. After about 2 1/2 months we were able to seal the deal with a wonderful home in Marysville. We haven’t even been living in the Pacific Northwest for a year and we already have moved into a home that we call our own. What made it more exciting is that we now are able to give Hennessy a yard that she deserves.

People around us have told us that Summer is gorgeous here. They were not kidding. The skies are bluer than ever and summer temperatures here compared to when we lived in San Diego is more bearable. During the warmer days of the Summer, we would spend our evenings on the lower level of our home because it would have a room temperatures no higher than 75. Hennessy just loves to lay on the deck soaking up all the sun that she could get. With the yard, she gets so much more running room and we get to enjoy barbecuing. Since February we have been excited for the opening of the new Pike Place MarketFront. Not just because it’s a new addition to Pike Place Market or it has a great view, but because we will be able to see our Market Charm. It was a great opportunity for us to donate to the Pike Place Market Foundation to help make the new MarketFront happen. Lastly, this Summer I officially launched my blog Life with Josh and Kristyn and am thankful for my gowing list of supporters. I have the greatest opportunity to share our adventures and food recipes to all of you.

Overall, our first year living in the Pacific Northwest has been great and we have accomplished so much together. Our accomplishments have made us become closer and stronger together. We are looking forward to many more accomplishments and adventures.

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    1. Thank you! Yeah, alot of people are confused why we left San Diego for Washington. We wanted a different scenery of the weather down there. San Diego weather has changed over the years. Almost feels like it is becoming like Phoenix.

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