Seattle Seahawks Training Camp 2017

View of Lake Washington from VMAC

You must be wondering why I am categorizing this under Lifestyle. Well, Josh and I love our Seattle Seahawks even when we lived in San Diego. Because we are always looking forward to football season and get pumped to see them in action, it is just part of our lifestyle. With yesterday marked as the start of football season of games for the Seahawks with their first preseason game of the year, I wanted to share our experience when we went to their Training Camp.

To start the football season off for us, we were so excited to learn when the training camp is scheduled and when it would become available for purchase. Tickets for training camp went on sale online on last June 29. Luckily with me working from home, I was able to get in and buy a pair of tickets for us. After buying the first pair of tickets (took about 5 minutes to complete the form), I went to try another date and I was put in an online waiting room. After 5 minutes of waiting, all tickets were sold out. Although we didn’t get to go to Training Camp on two days, we were lucky enough to even get a pair and we were happy to add this adventure as another first for us.

To get to and from the Virginia Mason Athletic Center (VMAC), fans would need to check-in at The Pro Shop at the landing to receive their bus wristbands. Check-in time starts 90 minutes prior to the practice. When we got there it was 8AM and we waited about 25 minutes in line to get our wristbands. Parking was not difficult to find since they had 2 dedicated parking garage levels for training camp.

Entrance to Training Camp

Upon arriving at the VMAC, we were greeted with Blue Thunder performing away, Blitz & The SeaGals giving photo opportunities with the fans. It was a beautiful day and the view from the field was breathtaking. No wonder why the Seahawks players, Seahawks staff & VMAC staff love training or working at the facility. We walked around the few booths available and got some snacks to have. While we walked around the fields to find a spot, we bought the 2017 Seahawks Yearbook for $5 (regular price is $9.99 @ The Pro Shop) as a souvenir and also to help donate to charity. Josh found a spot for us near the end of the back fields. Little did we know that the players (mainly defensive linemen) would be practicing right in front of us.

Players started heading out to the field around 9:45 AM and drills started at 10:00 AM. Right in front of us were the defensive linemen doing their drills and we got to see how coaches would train the players. It was all interesting to learn in the aspects of football and how are team is forming to be a great team! Out on the field, Head Coach Pete Carroll was running from one end of the field to the other to interact & also coach the offensive, defensive and special teams players. He is one active coach for someone his age. His leadership and philosophy in leading his team is great. Because of Coach Pete Carroll, the atmosphere during Training Camp is so inviting and also gives entertainment to not just the players but also to the fans. You know you are the Seahawks Training Camp when you hear DJ Supa Sam getting the players, staff & fans pumped up with the hits he is playing.
Here are some highlights during our visit at the Seahawks Training Camp:

  • Earl Thomas intercepted Russell Wilson in the end zone during a drill and he made one big celebration by running down the field letting out a yell and jumped on the back of Michael Bennett. Every time Earl Thomas celebrates on the field it is just fun and unique to watch.

  • Jimmy Graham made a leaping jump-ball in the red zone because that is what he does. Seeing it up close was even astonishing seeing his athletic ability in the red zone. Hoping to see more of these Wilson to Graham opportunities during the season.

  • Right in front of us, we got to see how the Lineman train keep low with the chute drill.

  • Defensive players love to huddle and get pumped up for an agility and speed drill on the agility bags.

  • Coach Pete Carroll is as energetic and active as the players – running from each group players to the next.

We’re In for the 2017 season. Let’s #GoHawks

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    1. I was never a huge sports fan, but when I became a fan of the Seahawks and they showed how much they appreciate their fans, it makes the experience even better!

  1. This sounds like such an amazing experience! The Seahawks aren’t my team but I would have loved to have had the chance to experience this 💖🌱

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