Woodland Park Zoo and Rose Garden

Woodland Park Zoo is a Seattle attraction. It is just north of Downtown Seattle and is situated right on the south end of Green Lake and on the west side of Woodland Park. It is a 92-acre animal attraction that was easy to navigate through. With it being during the peak season, we paid around $32 with a Military discount. After purchasing our tickets we were each given 2 tokens which represents $0.25 each of our admission fee to donate for wildlife conservation project of the Pacific Northwest of our choice.

We started off into the African Savanna by being welcomed by an African Village. Here we got to see how a school is including a classroom and the teacher’s hut. It was an interesting sight to see as you place yourself inside the walls of these dwellings. One of my favorite spots of the African Savannah was seeing the giraffes as the zookeepers were moving them from one side of to the other. A 2 month old giraffe was already at 5 feet 9 inches. Afterwards, we headed over to Tropical Asia (Trail of Vines) and saw Tapir, Langur, Siamang and Orangutan. We saw a few Orangutan trying to keep cool and relax under some blankets. There was one particular Orangutan that we spent some time watching as he was just lying right under a bridge and only moving its eyes.

Another favorite trail of mine was Northern Trail. This is because we were able to see the animals that live around the pacific northwest such as the brown bear, wolf and Steller’s sea eagle. The sea eagle was gorgeous and I was excited to be able to take still shots of it observing the people roam around the zoo. As we continued onto the trail, we headed into Australia and saw some emu and baby kangaroo relaxing under the shades provided by the abundance of trees. There was a Willawong Station for Bird Feeding. This gave us excitement as we saw cockatiels and parakeets. Josh’s parents own a cockatiel named Peter and he would always say “Peter is a pretty bird”.

One of the cutest things that we saw and we spent some time watching were a group of Asian small-clawed otters in another section of Tropical Asia (Banyan Wilds). They would be following each other chasing this one particular otter. It was like watching them play follow the leader with some hide and seek. Another station we stopped at was to see the penguins swim around and walk around the icy rocks. As soon as one of the zookeepers came out for feeding time, all the penguins raced over to give their meal. Heading towards the exit we went through the Tropical Rain Forest and Temperate Forest. The Tropical Rain Forrest was definitely humid as if you were actually there. It reminded us of the one show that we watch Naked and Afraid – contestants are placed in sometimes humid locations and are set to survive naked for 21 days before they can head to their extraction point.

Finishing our visit at the Woodland Park Zoo, we walked over to the Woodland Park Rose Garden. The Rose Garden is maintained by the Woodland Park Zoo and is home to 200 varieties of roses with nearly 3,000 plants. It is situated on the south end of the zoo on 2.5 acres. It was beautiful to see and for floral photographers, this is a great place to visit. Follow the rose paths around the garden to find the reflecting pool, sculptural fountain, gazebo, benches on the path as well as beautiful topiaries & landscapes. Both Josh and I agreed that our moms would love strolling through this gorgeous and peaceful garden.

Overall the day gave us great cardio and a relaxing day to learn about all these animals and roses. My Fitbit Alta HR tracked 14,451 steps done equivalent to 5.56 miles. We felt like it was a successful cardio day.

12 thoughts on “Woodland Park Zoo and Rose Garden”

  1. This looks like an amazing place. I went to zoo with my kids this summer and loved it. We enjoyed and my little one’s got to see the animals they only saw in the books. Sounds like a great experience, I like all your pictures.

    1. Thank you! I’m still an amateur photographer and I am excited that people have been loving the photos that I have been taking.

    1. It was $32 in total. We were excited for the Rose Garden – especially me! I love roses and seeing all the different colored ones was spectacular.

  2. It’s been so long since I’ve been to the zoo! This post really makes me want to go again! You got some great pictures!!

  3. What a gorgeous zoo! The key to a great zoo is space and the creation of natural habitats. Looks like this zoo succeeds on all counts. You’re right, those otters are adorable. I’ll definitely have to visit this zoo in the near future πŸ™‚

    1. It is a gorgeous zoo with the bonus of having the beautiful rose garden just outside the gates. Hope you get to visit both places. πŸ™‚

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